Tank Guardian

Tank Essentials


Description Code
Tank Guardian
Standard 8″ TASS20
Standard 12″ TASS06
Standard 16″ TATS01


Unless rainwater enters the rain barrel or tank/cistern through pipes that are connected directly to the top or side of the rain barrel or tank/cistern, you must ensure all water passes through a tank screen at tank entry point. The tank screen must include a non-corrosive screen of not more than 0.04″ to keep mosquitoes and pests out.

Features and Benefits

  • Mosquito proof 316 stainless steel mesh
  • UV stabilized material
  • Virgin polypropylene resin

Whilst tank screens will further filter out leaves and debris, rain heads should be fitted at each downspout that supplies water to the tank/cistern, and first flush water diverters should be fitted ‘upstream’ of the tank screen to optimize water quality. The tank screen should provide the final point of protection not the only barrier for leaves, debris and pests. Tank screens must be secured to the tank to ensure it remains in place.


TASS20 - Standard 8inc Tank Screen

TASS06 - Standard 12inc Tank Screen

TATS01 - Standard 16inc Tank Screen