Tank Guardian Easy-Clean

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Description Code
Tank Guardian
12″ TMTG01
16″ TMTG02


Easy to install with no tools required, Tank Guardian fits securely to an existing tank screen to make cleaning the tank inlet area easy. With a 0.04″ stainless steel screen, Tank Guardian stops leaves, debris and insects from passing through to the tank screen, ensuring it stays clean. This reduces water contamination and ensures that the optimum amount of water is collected. Tank Guardian is simply placed on top of an existing tank screen and then easily removed to clean the tank inlet area.

Tank Guardian is available for 12″ and 16″ tank inlet screens (to fit most rainwater tanks).

Features and Benefits

  • Protects tank screens from the build up of leaves and debris
  • Easy to use – just lift the Tank Guardian off the tank screen by the easy grip handle and remove debris
  • Easy to install – no tools required, simply place on top of the existing tank screen
  • 0.04″ stainless steel filter screen
  • Keeping the tank screen clean helps to – reduce rainwater contamination caused by debris decomposing in the screen – prevent blocked screens which reduce the amount of rainwater collected
  • Available for 12″ and 16″ tank inlet screens


Installation Instructions

1.  Clean existing tank screen – remove all leaves and debris.  If removing
the tank screen from the tank to clean ensure that the tank screen is
correctly reinstalled.
2.  Fit your Tank Guardian Easy Clean on top of your existing tank screen.