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Leaf Eater Slimline
3 inch / 90mm RHSL01



A Rain Head designed to blend into the architecture of your home.


Rain heads are debris filtration devices.  They are an ideal filter to install prior to the tank, and can be fitted to each downspout.  Rain heads are designed to keep leaves and debris out of downspouts, improve tank water quality and reduce maintenance plus ensure water entering your downspouts is mosquito and vermin proof.  They will also help prevent backflow of water into gutters and eaves.

Slimline features:

  • Slim design to blend into your home
  • Red overflow indicator shows when maintenance is required
  • High flow rate filtration
  • Removable filter body for easy cleaning
  • Suits 3 inch downspout and designed to fit neatly on a post
  • Mosquito proof screen (0.955mm stainless steel)