Leaf Eater Original

Rain Heads


Description Code
Leaf Eater® Original
90mm RHLE01
100mm RHLE06


Compliance: Australian
Standard AS/NZS 4020:2005
(Testing of products for use in
contact with drinking water)



The Leaf Eater® Original is the ultimate high performance rain head. Not only does it protect the home by preventing gutters from blocking and flooding eaves, the Leaf Eater® Original also improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance. The Leaf Eater® Original is ideal for use purely as a debris removing device even when rainwater is not being collected. The Leaf Eater® Original incorporates a flow directional gutter outlet which directs the flow of water from the gutter onto the face of the primary screen.

Features and Benefits

  • The original high performance rain head
  • Improved maintenance with new, easy to use screen clips
  • Prevents debris entering the tank which improves tank water quality and reduces maintenance
  • Two screen technology:
    –  Self shedding 6mm aperture screen for large debris
    –  0.955mm aperture mosquito proof stainless steel mesh screen fixed
    with a secure “locking system”
  • Prevents blocked downpipes which stops backflow of water into gutters and eaves
  • High flow rate performance
  • Superior catchment efficiency at low and high flow rates
  • Easy to paint
  • Includes 170mm x 75mm lead-free PVC gutter outlet
  • Available in 90mm or 100mm outlets

Installation Instructions

At Gutter Installation

1.  Remove the existing Gutter Outlet from the roof guttering system.
2.  Hold the new Gutter Outlet against the fascia and against the bottom
and rear of the gutter where the new outlet hole is to be. Use the
Gutter Outlet as a template, draw around the inside of the outlet to
mark the underside of the gutter for the new hole and cut out with tin
snips. Refit the Gutter Outlet to the main body and place a small
amount of sealant in the sealant groove.
3.  Mount the main body of the Leaf Eater® Original evenly under the
Gutter Outlet by securing it to the fascia with pop rivets or screws,
making sure the backing plate fits snug up to the bottom edge of the
gutter but NOT between the fascia and back edge of the gutter.
4.  Place the Mozzie Screen in the main body over the Leaf Eater®
Original outlet ensuring that the screen clips into place. Replace the
primary screen, making sure the screen fits INSIDE the front lip of the
Leaf Eater® Original and secure in place with the clips provided. The
Leaf Eater® Original is now ready for connection to the downpipe. DO
NOT glue the Leaf Eater® Original to the downpipe. SECURE with a
screw for easy removal.

Mid-Mount Installation

To improve access for cleaning, Leaf Eater® Original Rain Heads can be mounted on a wall at a convenient height. When ‘pushing water’ over long runs and depending on the volume of water required to be moved, the Rain Head may need to be mid-mounted more than 1.2m above the discharge point.

It is important to note that when mid-mounting, the flow directional benefits of the rectangular gutter outlet supplied with the Leaf Eater® Original will be lost. However this is to be balanced with the benefits gained from easier access for maintenance.

For mid-mounting, discard the top flow-directional gutter outlet. Cut the entry downpipe at 45° allowing 50mm clearance between the pipe and the primary screen. This ensures the end of the pipe is parallel to the screen and helps direct the water onto the face of the screen most effectively.