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Gutter Outlets
3″ & 4″ Dual Fit GSGO99


Gutter outlets are easy to install onto the underside of the gutter and will improve water flow, reduce maintenance and increase the life of gutters. The outlets come with a built in sealant groove

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Improve water flow
  • Reduce gutter maintenance
  • Increase life of gutter
  • Made from Lead Free PVC

Install from the underside!

Gutter outlets fitted in the conventional way cause rubbish to build up in roof gutters. Gutters start to rust because they are not able to drain out efficiently or dry out completely after rain. This creates a breeding habitat for disease carrying mosquitoes.

In most instances gutter outlets are fitted by cutting a hole in the gutter, pushing an outlet through from the top side of the gutter, fixing it in place with a few rivets or screws, and then applying a silicone sealant around the top side of the gutter outlet within the gutter itself. This creates a barrier up to 0.2″ high for debris to jump and obstructs water flow .

Fitting Gutter Outlets Correctly

If you are building a new home, or replacing roof guttering, it is the ideal time to fit the gutter outlets RIGHT FIRST TIME.

All gutter outlets should be fitted on the UNDERSIDE of the roof gutter so that there is no obstruction to stop leaves, debris and fine sediments washing out. This will ensure that within a short period of time after the rain stops gutters will drain out and dry out. By creating dry gutters a potential mosquito breeding habitat is eliminated.

Dry gutters stay cleaner and last longer.

The conventional way – ‘lip’ causes build up zone


Rain Harvesting outlets – no obstruction to water flow