Clean Rain Ultra

Clean Rains


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Clean Rain Ultra
Multi-Fit (2×3″ and 3×4″, 3″ and 4″) DDCR99




Clean Rain Ultra is the ultimate all in one rainwater filtration and collection system. A unique sleek cover and cap provides a stylish, integrated look. The advanced filtration technology (Hydro Activated Filtration™) allows the Clean Rain™ to shed leaves while the ‘Smart Sense’ first flush diversion system automatically activates when water is detected and diverts the first flush of rainwater which contains contaminants from the roof to stormwater.

Clean Rain™ allows the user to connect multiple outlet hoses to direct water to a pool, garden, rainwater tanks/cisterns or rain barrels. The Clean Rain™ body also rotates 180° allowing it to easily adapt to different installation environments.


Features and Benefits

  • Break through Filtration and First Flush Diverter technology in one easy to install product offering
  • Cutting edge Hydro Activated Filtration™ technology uses the Leaf Slide and a precisely angled screen to deflect debris off the screen.
  • Compact inline First Flush Diverter diverts the first flush of rainwater containing contaminants from the roof to stormwater – no additional chamber required (Smart Sense™ technology)
  • The Clean Rain™ Body swivels for convenient outlet positioning, fits standard garden, 1″ sump and 1½” pool hoses, and 3″ pipe
  • Multi-fit cap and downspout adaptors – 3″ and 4″, 2×3″ and 3×4″
  • Easily accessible on/off switch, with a safety overflow to stormwater drain
  • Minimal maintenance
  • A unique sleek cover and cap provides a stylish, integrated look

How Clean Rain Ultra works


How does Clean Rain Ultra™ collect cleaner water?

  • Hydro Activated Filtration™ technology uses the rainwater’s force to deflect leaves and debris off the screen.
  • Smart Sense™ First Flush water diverter prevents contaminants contained in the first flush of water from the roof (such as dirt, dust, bird droppings and insects) from being collected.
  • Smart Sense™ First Flush automatically adjusts to divert the optimum amount of dirty rainwater down the downspout.
  • Stainless steel mesh screening prevents mosquitoes, bugs and vermin entering your rainwater through Clean Rain Ultra™.


Ideal for


Installation Instructions

1.   Remove 29.3″ of downspout from where the Clean Rain™ is to be
situated. Ensure all edges are clean and smooth.
2.   Remove the cap and use snips to remove a section to fit the
3.   Remove the cover by flexing outwards at the top.
4.   Fit the correct downspout adaptor to the bottom of the Clean Rain™.
5.   Slide the cap up the top section of downspout and hold temporarily in
6.   Install the Clean Rain™ by positioning it securely on the bottom
section of downspout.
7.   Screw the top of the Clean Rain™ in position through the screw slots
provided. Ensure appropriate screws and anchors (if required) are
8.   Check the placement of the Vibrating Screen.  It must sit behind and
below the front face.
9.   Insert the Leaf Slide into slot holes
10. Re-install the front cover.
11. Slide the cap back down the downspout until it sits securely on top of
the Clean Rain™ unit.