Maelstrom Filter

Maelstrom’s advanced design combines super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment efficiency to give you cleaner rainwater and more of it.


Get cleaner water in your tank
Maelstrom On-Tank’s ultra-fine secondary filter removes particles down to 180 microns – 5 times finer than standard rain heads and pre-tank filters. This gives you cleaner, better quality water and lowers the volume of sediment putting pressure on your tank pumps and post-tank filters.

Get more water, faster
Maelstrom On-Tank eliminates the problem of water splashing off your tank inlet screen, especially at high flow rates. Its phenomenal water catchment efficiency (96% at 3,600 litres/hour in wet systems) gives you more water, faster, so you can take full advantage of every raindrop.

Get water effortlessly
Maelstrom On-Tank’s initial 2mm filter diverts leaves and debris which are then flushed out during rainfall events. Because the revolutionary design is low-maintenance with no mechanical parts, it does this with minimal effort from you.

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A Rain Head designed to blend into the architecture of your home.


Rain heads are debris filtration devices.  They are an ideal filter to install prior to the tank, and can be fitted to each downpipe.  Rain heads are designed to keep leaves and debris out of downpipes, improve tank water quality and reduce maintenance plus ensure water entering your downpipes is mosquito and vermin proof.  They will also help prevent backflow of water into gutters and eaves.

Slimline features:

  • Slim design to blend into your home
  • Red overflow indicator shows when maintenance is required
  • High flow rate filtration
  • Removable filter body for easy cleaning
  • Suits 90mm downpipe and designed to fit neatly on a 100mm x 100mm post
  • Mosquito proof screen (0.955mm stainless steel)


Tank Gauge


The Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge is a rainwater tank level indicator that ensures you are able to tell how much water is in your tank at a glance.

Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy to install – simple DIY product
  • Seals directly to the tank
  • Suitable for all existing and new tanks
  • No batteries or wiring required
  • Easy to read dial face with ‘Empty’ and ‘Full’ indicators
  • Empty and Full indicators allow for a more meaningful measurement than a numbered dial (due to different rainwater tank widths and styles)
  • Requires a standard 32mm hole saw
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • UV resistant
  • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 2.5 metres (100 inches) in height
  • Able to be securely installed on a wide variety of tank shapes (dome-topped, flat, peaked)
  • Utilises a reliable float system

Installation Instructions

Before installing your Tank Gauge it is important to calibrate it for use. This will allow you to set your own tanks Empty and Full positions and quickly see your tanks water level.


1.  Carefully remove the front clear face from the Tank Gauge to enable
access to the moveable Empty and Full indicators.
2.  Select an installation site on your tank for the Tank Gauge and mark
it. It is preferable that this is a flat area and that once installed, will
allow you to view the Tank Gauge face easily.
3.  Whilst maintaining the same height and keeping the weight outside of
the tank, extend the weight so it is level with the bottom of your tank.
Move the red Empty indicator to where the water level indicator is
4.  Lift the weight so it is level with the overflow on your tank and move
the green Full indicator to where the water level indicator is pointing.
5.  Tank Gauge is now calibrated. Replace the front clear face.


1.  Drill a 32mm hole into your tank at the previously marked installation
2.  Lower the weight through this hole and sit the Tank Gauge on your
3.  Using the supplied screws secure the Tank Gauge to your tank.
4.  Your Tank Gauge is now installed and ready for use.

Wireless Tank Gauge


The Rain Harvesting Wireless Tank Gauge is a rainwater tank level indicator that ensures you are able to tell how much water is in your tank at a glance from within your home or office.


Features and Benefits

  • Simple set up
  • Transmits signals wirelessly to the receiver up to 100 metres away
  • Tank level working range of +/-5%, due to the use of a solid float system
    – Utlises a reliable solid float system that does not rely on ultrasonic beams
    – Will not interfere or snag on any internal components
  • Easy to read dial face with ‘Empty’ and ‘Full’ indicators
  • Suitable for all vented tanks up to 3 metres tall
  • Requires a standard 35mm hole saw
  • 4 x AAA batteries required
  • FCC ID – PS4TAWG01

Watch the Installation Video

Grey Water Diverters


Distribute the water you save from showers, hand basins and laundries straight out onto your garden.

Features and Benefits

  • 50mm three way pipe diverter that fits most common grey water discharge pipes
  • 90mm three way pipe diverter connects to standard 90mm stormwater pipe
  • Simple installation – change to left or right hand installation.

Tank Guardian Easy-Clean


Easy to install with no tools required, Tank Guardian fits securely to an existing tank screen to make cleaning the tank inlet area easy. With a 1mm stainless steel screen, Tank Guardian stops leaves, debris and insects from passing through to the tank screen, ensuring it stays clean. This reduces water contamination and ensures that the optimum amount of water is collected. Tank Guardian is simply placed on top of an existing tank screen and then easily removed to clean the tank inlet area.

Tank Guardian is available for 300mm and 400mm tank inlet screens (to fit most rainwater tanks).

Features and Benefits

  • Protects tank screens from the build up of leaves and debris
  • Easy to use – just lift the Tank Guardian off the tank screen by the easy grip handle and remove debris
  • Easy to install – no tools required, simply place on top of the existing tank screen
  • 1mm stainless steel filter screen
  • Keeping the tank screen clean helps to – reduce rainwater contamination caused by debris decomposing in the screen – prevent blocked screens which reduce the amount of rainwater collected
  • Available for 300mm and 400mm tank inlet screens

Installation Instructions

1.  Clean existing tank screen – remove all leaves and debris.  If removing
the tank screen from the tank to clean ensure that the tank screen is
correctly reinstalled.
2.  Fit your Tank Guardian Easy Clean on top of your existing tank screen.

Gutter Outlets

Rain Harvesting has developed a complete range of lead free PVC gutter outlets that fit round, rectangular and half-round downpipes. These outlets are easy to install onto the underside of the gutter and will improve water flow, reduce maintenance and increase the life of gutters. The outlets come with a built in sealant groove.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Improve water flow
  • Reduce gutter maintenance
  • Increase life of gutter
  • Made from Lead Free PVC

Install from the underside!

Gutter outlets fitted in the conventional way cause rubbish to build up in roof gutters. Gutters start to rust because they are not able to drain out efficiently or dry out completely after rain. This creates a breeding habitat for disease carrying mosquitoes.

In most instances gutter outlets are fitted by cutting a hole in the gutter, pushing an outlet through from the top side of the gutter, fixing it in place with a few rivets or screws, and then applying a silicone sealant around the top side of the gutter outlet within the gutter itself. This creates a barrier up to 4mm high for debris to jump and obstructs water flow .


Fitting Gutter Outlets Correctly

If you are building a new home, or replacing roof guttering, it is the ideal time to fit the gutter outlets RIGHT FIRST TIME.

All gutter outlets should be fitted on the UNDERSIDE of the roof gutter so that there isno obstruction to stop leaves, debris and fine sediments washing out. This will ensure that within a short period of time after the rain stops gutters will drain out and dry out. By creating dry gutters a potential mosquito breeding habitat is eliminated.

Dry gutters stay cleaner and last longer.

The conventional way – ‘lip’ causes build up zone


Rain Harvesting outlets – no obstruction to water flow


Rain Filter System

The first system designed specifically for use with rainwater tank systems. Whilst ‘pre-treatment devices’ (such as gutter mesh, rain heads and first flush diverters) are critical to keep leaves, debris and other pollutants out of the rainwater tank, Rain Filters should be installed after the pump to provide extra confidence in your water quality.

Triple Action Filtration System range provides filtration of fine sediments (down to 15 micron), colour and odour in the one cartridge. Ideal for rainwater tanks supplying water for toilets and laundry use.

Sediment Filtration System provides filtration of fine sediments (down to 80 micron) and is recommended for rainwater tanks that supply water purely for outside use.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Installed after the pump to provide extra confidence in your water quality
  • Heavy duty filter housings with UV resistant components and rust-proof fittings

Auto Tank Vacuum System

The Rain Harvesting Tank Vacuum System automatically vacuums the sediment off the bottom of the tank in the area of the out-take pipe every time the tank overflows. The systems are supplied in kit form and fit all types of tanks, including plastic, concrete and fibreglass.


Fire Plugs

Fire Plugs are innovative fire safety devices which allow roof gutters to be filled with water when bushfires threaten.

Fitted into downpipes around the home at waist height, Fire Plugs are easily converted to block off the downpipe. No ladder climbing – simply connect the hose to the water supply and turn on to fill roof gutters and prevent wind blown embers igniting leaves or debris in the roof gutters.

Fire Plugs come in kit form and are easily fitted to PVC downpipes, which withstand exceptionally high heat and flame when filled with water. They can also be used throughout the year to redirect rainwater to the swimming pool, pond or garden.

From October 2013 the Fire Plug Kit has been modified to improve performance.  The kit includes – PVC Gutter Outlet, Fire Plug Tap Valve, Sliding Gate Valve and 2 x 90mm Pipe Brackets.

install image