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Water storage and tank selection

There are many different water storage options and manufacturers have developed innovative solutions in recent years.

bladder 1

Space saving bladders are now available and
can be used to store water under the house
or vernadahs

tank for rwh

Slimline metal tanks provide a space
saving solution in a range of colours –
the traditional galvanised tank has come
a long way!


Polyethylene tanks are readily available
in an extensive range of colours, shapes
and sizes

water wall small

Attractive features, new tank designs ensure
that spaces can be utilised for storage of water.
Note: Local Councils may have specific
‘set-back’ from boundary requirements that
need to be considered.



The household tank is a simple clean, effective water harvesting technology, which has economical, social and environmental benefits for all. The water storage vessel you choose forms a central part of your Rainwater Harvesting system, however ensuring you get good quality water with minimal maintenance is not a simple as just putting in a tank. You need to install a complete system to get the best results.

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