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The Ultimate System



This system is the ultimate system to delivery rainwater for all of a household’s requirements.


ultimate system 2


A sloping allotment that allows this type of setup is the ultimate system. The pump only needs to operate when the Header Tank is being filled up. Being gravity fed, there is always ample and constant water pressure.

The suggested “loop” system uses 40mm poly pipe with a tee off with 25mm feeder line into the hot water service (HWS). By positioning the HWS near to the most frequently used taps (kitchen and basin), the draw off before the hot water arrives is minimal and better than having small pipes that result in low delivery rates on low pressure. A two tap, single post mixer is ideal for ideal for a gravity fed system and allows better regulation of flow and temperature.

* By changing the Transfer Pump to a pressure pump the gravity fed system becomes a pressure system or a gravity feed system at the flick of a switch. The in-feed pipe to the tank must be fitted with an automatic level shut off ball valve. When the pump is turned on the house operates on the pressure system. When the power goes off the house operates as a gravity feed system. This system is recommended for fire prone areas.

For a site where it is not possible to have a Header Tank, install a pressure pump.