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Pump Selection



There are two main types of pump systems used in typical household systems. There are other pressure vessels systems but these are usually only used on extremely large houses or for commercial applications. To work out the type of pump that is best suited for the purpose it is best to talk to a professional pump dealer. There are many factors which govern the type and size of pump that you will need so that your system will deliver water as you would expect.


PRESSURE VESSEL PUMPSpressure vessel pump

Usually work on 20-40psi/140-280kpa or 30-50/210-345kpa. Variable pressure systems – which means that when a tap is turned on water is drawn and when the pressure is down to 20psi/140kpa the pump will start up and when the pressure reaches 40psi/280kpa the pump will shut off. The amount of water that can be drawn off before the pump starts up depends on the size of the pressure vessel. The bigger the pressure vessel, the greater the volume of water that can be drawn off before the pump restarts.




CONSTANT PRESSURE SYSTEMSconstant pressure pump

Invariably use the same motor and pump body as the variable pressure system except that a constant pressure control valve system is fitted. These latest pressure control valve systems are simple and effective, efficient and very cost effective.