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New bladders have been developed which come with all inlet and outlet pipes required for complete installation. They can generally store between 2,000 and 20,000L of water. The sizes and capacity vary according to length and width of the bladders.

The bladders are sealed yet flexible, with an enormously high puncture resistance that is designed to be securely located in the sub-floor space in areas as low as 750 mm in height (without excavation) and without inducing any structural load to the dwelling.


bladder 2


By placing the bladders under a house or deck, they can collect ALL of the rain that falls on the roof by diverting the ALL downpipes to a common in-flow pipe which goes into the side of the bladder. This means that more rainwater can be collected much faster than in a traditional water tank. Once the bladder or bladders are full, any excess water diverts to the existing storm water system so that there is no fear of over-filling.

If space permits, multiple bladder tanks can be installed either end-to-end or side-by side for maximum storage, as demonstrated in the diagram below. Bladders are typically designed to fill to a maximum height of 600mm.



bladder diag 1

One criteria in choosing a bladder type is whether it is filled from the top or the side. Those that fill from the side (see photo below) require less space for pipework above the bladder, but either way, bladders are a great solution where you have space constraints.

eco sac 06 small v2


Some manufacturers use water sac couplings that are compression fittings where the interconnecting pipes are pushed through and clamped tight to seal. This is instead of traditional threaded joints to ensure that a damaged or stripped thread (particularly in a PE tank) does not mean unusable water storage.

The bladders are housed in a high quality steel frames to keep it in place and this frame is often wrapped in a geo-textile blanket for added protection. The bladders are typically made of a material called Aeon which is well established in the Australian market place.



Space saving option. An ideal for under house or under verandah water storage.
Site Preparation : Compacted cracker dust or compacted cement stabilised sand or concrete pad. The area must be clear of rocks, tiles and other debris. Smooth the ground, leaving a slight fall towards the outlet end of the Sac.
In Ground : Consult the manufacturer
Guarantee : Ask your supplier for a written one prior to purchase
Repairable : Yes, consult the manufacturer.



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